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Prayer University

It was after watching Jesus pray that his disciples approached and requested, “Lord, please teach us to pray.” (Luke 11.1)

He did so.  A lot.  With many, many parables.
There are not many parables (any?) that were aimed at helping the disciples preach better. They did not ask Jesus how to do miracles or how to cast out demons. They didn't ask him to lay out his systematic theology. They wanted to know how to pray. What do we want from God?
Jesus did not spend a lot of time teaching his gang how to be persuasive with men.  He spent time teaching them how to be powerful with God.  To speak to people about God is good.  To speak to God about people is greater.  There are many Bible colleges that will teach you homiletics (the art of preaching) and there are many theology departments which will teach you hermeneutics (interpreting a text).  Where, however, can one go to learn about the power for ministry which Jesus spent so much time time trying to impart to his followers?  Who wants to…