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How to Explain Porn to a 5-year old: at a Feminist protest with my Daughter.

The afternoon was an interesting cocktail of chivalry, feminism and biblical patriarchy.  I had planed to my daughter out on a special tea date which we do from time to time.  That morning I got an email announcing a protest that was being organised against page 3 of The Sun (soft-core pornography in a widely distributed newspaper to those of you outside the UK).

We had a lovely date.  I had an Earl Grey while Naomi had a small hot chocolate with whipped cream.  It was lovely and she got her fill of love and attention.

Then it was off to the protest.  Turn out was smaller than your average Mormon family.  Less than 8 people with signs...not very good ones either, but ones with a clear message.  Naomi (5 years old) was by far the youngest and me...well, I was the only one there with a penis.

“What are we doing papa?” asked Naomi

"We're holding a sign that says 'Boobs aren't News!' sweetie."  I say holding back a chuckle.

"Why are we here?"