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Grill A Christian: How Can You Believe in Hell?

If you’re a Christian, you have probably tried to share the gospel with someone.  One objection to the Christian faith which I find comes up often here in the UK is the whole matter of hell.  It is an objection which usually closes the British mind to any fair presentation of the gospel. “I could never believe in a God which punishes people like that.  How can I believe in your “loving God” which tortures people for all eternity?”  Often times Christians don’t know how to respond and get intimidated by this objection.  What are we to do?

1.Understand that this strong emotional objection is partially a cultural one.  In other parts of the world, people do not reject Christianity because of its teaching on hell in the same way.  In the Middle East people often easily understand the necessity of hell.  What they can’t understand is the idea of “God having a son”.  Likewise when the gospel first came to the Angles and the Saxons on these islands, it wasn’t the concept of hell but rather th…