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Should Christians call God 'Mama'?

Should God be referred to as mama?

Some feminist theologians think so. One of the reasons they give is that the Bible was written in patriarchal days. It is argued that in these days the idea of a female God would never have been accepted. Now that we live in more enlightened times, we can accept that God is equally masculine and feminine and so our terms should reflect that.
But history shows us that the Bible’s use of exclusive masculine titles for God is not some sort of sinful misogyny. 
Israel was actually radically countercultural by NOT having a high female deity. Having a maternal and paternal deity to oversee and spawn lesser powers was a normal part of the Ancient Near Eastern (ANE) cosmology. In surrounding culture ‘Tiamat’ was seen as the main goddesses that begat other powers before time began. Other high female deities existed at the time too and feminine title were normal – especially that of ‘mother’:
'You are mother and Father of all that you made.' -Akhenaten, Sho…