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A Witch's View of the Bible

I remember speaking with a witch my first year of Uni.

She was a Wiccan practitioner possessing a potent cocktail of charm, intelligence and spiritual finesse. After listening to her explain some of her beliefs and practices, I inquired what she thought about Jesus. She confessed that she found Jesus to be “cool” but that she rejected Christianity. When I asked her why, she immediately said, “Well, the Bible is full of contradictions. It’s just so obvious that the God of the Old Testament is different from the God of the New Testament. How much more different could one get?!” 
We continued our discussion for quite some time and the Lord softened her heart so that she allowed me to pray for her. She also agreed to read the gospel of John with an open mind and left. But her initial objection about the Bible stayed with me. It is an objection I have heard many times both before and since. What is most unfortunate is that this confusion about Scripture exists not just outside the church, b…

Mordecai Don’t Kneel

Mordecai only appears in one short book in the OT and is often overshadowed by his adopted and spiritual daughter Hadassah (Esther) for whom the book is named.
Despite this rather unfortunate lack of fanfare, there is an urgent need for the spirit of Mordecai to come upon the church of God today. There is a void in the church today and the universe is left wondering: “Where are the Mordecaies of God?”   Mordecai is known for three things:
1.       Mordecai was a spiritual father.  Mordecai was a relatively young man when he adopted his teenage cousin Hadassah (Esther); a rather unusual move culturally. Not only did he put food in her mouth, he taught her about prayer and the God of Israel and laid a foundation in her from which she would later venture forth to save the nation. In our day when 40% of children go to bed in a home without a father, we need people (not necessarily older people) who will be spiritual parents to a generation who needs to know about the true Heavenly Father.  2…