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Mordecai Don’t Kneel

Mordecai only appears in one short book in the OT and is often overshadowed by his adopted and spiritual daughter Hadassah (Esther) for whom the book is named.

Despite this rather unfortunate lack of fanfare, there is an urgent need for the spirit of Mordecai to come upon the church of God today. There is a void in the church today and the universe is left wondering: “Where are the Mordecaies of God?”   Mordecai is known for three things:

1.       Mordecai was a spiritual father.  Mordecai was a relatively young man when he adopted his teenage cousin Hadassah (Esther); a rather unusual move culturally. Not only did he put food in her mouth, he taught her about prayer and the God of Israel and laid a foundation in her from which she would later venture forth to save the nation. In our day when 40% of children go to bed in a home without a father, we need people (not necessarily older people) who will be spiritual parents to a generation who needs to know about the true Heavenly Father. 
2.       Mordecai knew how to get a hold of God.  When he saw the danger his people were in he tore his clothes, wept, fasted and found of the God of miracles. In response to these prayers God used Hadassah to save a nation. To be a Mordecai we must invest time alone with God.  To be much for God, we must first be much with God.
3.       Mordecai don’t kneel.  Mordecai was more than just a papa figure who was a softie for orphans and who cried when he prayed.  He had spiritual guns and he stuck to them.  It is written: 
King Xerxes honoured Haman the Agagite. He promoted him in rank and gave him a higher position than all the other officials. The entire royal staff at the King’s Gate bowed down and paid homage to Haman, because the king had commanded this to be done for him.
But Mordecai would not bow down or pay homage
When Haman saw that Mordecai was not bowing down or paying him homage, he was filled with rage and … planned to destroy all of Mordecai’s people, the Jews,   (Esther 3)

When everyone else bowed to Haman, Mordecai stood. He resisted Haman at great risk to his life. It is perhaps this aspect of Mordecai’s character we are most in need of today. There is an aggressive Haman spirit in the world today that wants the church to bow down before it. It wants the church to shut up on certain issues. It wants the church in a closet.  If you do not bow in some areas of your Christian witness it will release a rage to wipe you out. 

Being a faithful witness to God’s word will cost you. There are some aspects of who God is that the world around us may like or at least tolerate. There are other aspects of God’s truth which this world will despise.  Aggressive opposition to Biblical teaching - especially on issues related to sexual immorality - has silenced or compromised some parts of the church. Sadly, we are bowing!  Some think that if we are silent on these issues, Haman will relent and grant us acceptance. Do fear God or men?

Love speaks the truth. If we are to really love our generation we must be a faithful witness to who God is even if it doesn’t like to hear it; even if it attacks us for it. We must never respond with evil, but always with blessing.Though we must resist ideas with courage, we must reach out to those who hold them with compassion and humility. We need people who can reach out to the orphans of this world with tenderness and care while at the same time standing toe to toe against the spirit of Haman without flinching. 

Ultimately Mordecai is just a dim light pointing us to a greater Mordecai who when bribed with the kingdoms of the world and when threatened with the tortures of the cross refused to bow to this our true enemy. Because Jesus has taken care of that ultimate Haman, you and I can have courage enough to stand strong and love freely.

Our generation has a void of men who  love, who pray and who speak the truth. Will you fill it?
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  1. Hello Joshua,
    There is MUCH more to be found regarding the link between Mordecai and Jesus!
    Please see:
    There are other Bible studies (e.g., Ruth, Jonah, Deborah and Barak) posted there as well.
    May they all be a blessing to you and your readers.
    A Fellow traveler "On the road to Emmaus"


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