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The 21st Century Christian Apologetic

I love apologetics. I love being on panels when people come forward and ask difficult questions about the Christian faith. Around here we call those a “Grill-A-Christian” event. If you’re a book geek, like me, it gives you chance to release all of those pent up thoughts and really wrestle publically with ideas in the public forum. Questions about suffering, hell, sexuality… I’m eager to give it a try!
And yet, it wasn’t being able to answer difficult questions alone that bore witness to the people of God and their connection to the resurrected Christ. Jesus said, “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (John 13)
Love one another? “Loving one another” is not unique to Christians. Certainly there are people of other religions and beliefs who care for one another. There can be brotherly love and friendship among thieves or even sex traffickers.
What is this love that is so powerful that it witnesses to the living Jesus?
It is a love that overcomes seem…

Friends in Heaven

All our friendships in this life are affected by sin. They cause pain almost as easily as they cause joy. In addition, no matter how good our friendships are, what is the point if death will one day rob us of all we’ve invested into these relationships?
If Christ is the centre of our lives and relationships, then death does not have the final word. One day we will step out of the dark and cramped room of our earthly lives and step into that vast and colourful world that Jesus has been preparing for us.
On that day, God’s people will see the full manifestation of the reconciling power of the Cross. One day the tension in eschatology will be over and God’s Kingdom will be fully here. Jesus is coming back in real space and time and it will change friendship forever - and for the better. The Good News declares that Jesus is making all things new and that depravity’s days are numbered. That’s the day we are really longing for.
Personally, the most precious and the most painful thing about my…