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Of Boob Jobs, White Supremacy and Jenner

The other day I spoke with a young woman who bemoaned the fact that a multiracial friend had gone through the Jacksonesque process of bleaching her skin because she wanted to be whiter. She told me that she wished her friend had remained "authentic" and learned to "accept herself" for who she really was in spite of her longings to be white. “The fact that she longed to be white so much should have shown her that something was wrong on the inside. It’s not her skin that was the problem,” she told me. In light of the fact that Rachel Dolezal had just made headlines doing almost the opposite, I found this interesting. 

I then asked her about what she thought of Jenner's recent body conversion and the practice of ‪‎transgenderism as a whole. She exclaimed how happy she was for ‪Jenner and added that people who desired to make such a change should be encouraged to do so. She said all this without any recognition of irony or apparent contradiction.

If I were to base my morals on media headlines I would conclude:
Jenner attempting to be a woman = Good
Dolezal attempting to be black = Bad

To further elaborate on how insane a world becomes when it is separated from God, let's talk about boobs. Now, many people I know would not celebrate a woman putting her chest under the surgeon’s knife just so she can walk around with a nice round pair of DuPont’s finest. Here too, we have heard people talk about the need to learn to accept oneself and to not reject your natural body just to get a desired look. It is pontificated, rather, that people should learn to be “authentic” and “learn to accept themselves for who they are.” I am not making a judgement call here, but I am pointing out that many of these same people would applaud a man for getting a similar boob job done in his effort to take on a woman’s body.

21st Century Western Ethics?

We should not follow our heart if it’s telling us to be transracial.
We should follow our heart if it’s telling us to be transgender.

For a woman to augment her feminine form with surgery, even if she longs to, is not good. She should learn to accept her body.
For a man to completely change his form with surgery, if he longs to, is good. He should change his body.

I am not writing to comment on whether I think boob jobs should be applauded or avoided. I am attempting to inquire if anyone else has heard similar opinions aired and thinks that our world is becoming (either humorously or sadly) inconsistent. Don't take this to be fuel for criticism of people struggling with gender confusion. Jenner spent his life running from his Y chromosome with olympian speed like a child from a dark nightmare. We don't need to chase him with our criticism. He needs our compassion and prayers as well as the same forgiveness and healing that we all need and can find in Christ.

If you want to criticise anyone, let it be the money whores at Vanity Fair and elsewhere who make money off human brokenness.


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