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Review of The Jungle Book: Self-Identification & Truth

I took my son and daughter to see the recent film adaptation of Kipling's masterpiece, The Jungle Book. If all Westerners were to go, watch it and take notes this world would be a saner place.
The story is about a boy named Mowgli who self-identifies as a wolf. He attempts to race like wolves, eat like wolves, and pee like wolves - but he never fully succeeds. Those around him - who care for him - affirm Mowgli in his self-identification and help him live that out. In the book, his mother, Raksha, says ‘He shall live to run with the Pack and to Hunt with the Pack’ and similar sentiments are expressed in the film. Mowgli yearns to be a wolf and those around him celebrate his attempts to be such. They try to adjust the world to suit his inner feelings, so he can be happy.
But he’s not a wolf. He’s a boy. And no amount of self-identifying can change - what by nature - he is.
It’s Baloo (great voicing by Bill Murray here) who helps Mowgli become who he was destined to be. It's ironi…