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On the Brexit Baloney

Hey Joshua,
As we get ready for the big referendum, how do you think Jesus would vote on Brexit.

Hey dude,

Good question.

When Jesus walked the earth, he was surrounded by a political brouhaha even more charged than our own. There was tension between those who wanted a ‘Israel for the Israelis’ (the Zealots and Pharisees) and those who preferred strong ties to the Roman Empire (the Herodians and Sadducees). Throughout his ministry Jesus was often asked political questions so that people could pin him on a particular ‘side’ in order to discredit him.

But Jesus don’t play that.

He never fell into their trap and was resolute that he was building his own kingdom – one that was ‘not of this world’ (John 18.36). Even in the OT when Joshua – the commander of the Israeli army – asked the pre-incarnate Jesus if he was on their side or the side of their enemies he responded, ‘No; but I am the commander of the army of the Lord. Now I have come.’ (Joshua 5.14).

‘So Jesus, should we stay in the EU or get out?’

‘No. I am here.’


The UK and the EU are short lived political experiments. Like Rome, both will fall. But the true government will rest on His shoulders and of His Kingdom there shall be no end. Let’s make our priority to get ourselves and others into that one.

As far as the current debate goes, I have concerns on both sides. First of all – for those who think the UK should vote to leave – please be aware of the unhealthy effects of nostlgic nationalism. I am hearing Brits use terms like ‘national sovereignty’ - only they stretch the word out when they pronounce it as if angels should hush in reverence. On the other side of the Atlantic I am hearing similar patriotic catch phrases as the Trumpkins chant ‘Make America Great Again!’ Patriotism has little spiritual benefit.

But secondly, I am also concerned for the pro-EU crowd. There is a nauseating dosage of naiveté being passed around on social media. Many seem to think that if only we can stay in the EU than peace and prosperity will continue to be ours. That’s a foolish amount of confidence to put in any human institution. We may end up staying in the EU but still end up fighting or broke.

This world is not our home. Vote in such a way as you think others will best benefit. ‘Are Europeans better off with the UK in the EU?' That would be a question I would ask myself – if I were to vote.

'Can Christian Men & Women be Close Friends?'


  1. No. Firstly is it right to second guess Jesus' views on the EU? Secondly if we are to follow the above logic, then it is better to ask what will be best for the WORLD, not just Europe. It is also fair to consider "little European" attitudes and EU policies which are impoverishing many nations in and out of Europe, from Spain to Ghana. However I do think that Jesus was not a huge fan of the Roman Empire and so it is not unreasonable to consider that He would choose freedom and democracy over corruption and bullying. I have no doubt whatsoever that Europe will change for the better when we lead the way to cooperation and new horizons and away from the current attitude of control and troubles. I am certain it will benefit the world too. We need to break barriers and gangs and be more international. The entire world is my family and Britain is my closest relatives. The EU is morally corrupt. I have been studying this for over 25 years. God bless those who avoid prejudice and who can be open enough to admit to themselves when things are not as we have been led to think.


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