'You're on the Wrong Side of History!' - 3 Ways to Respond

One of the popular soundbites being chanted in the faux debates of our day is the accusation that one ‘is on the wrong side of history’. We hear this used in a few different contexts – not just at those who dare to publicly question current LGBT orthodoxy. The one who has this phrase shot at them is apparently supposed to shudder and recoil in defensive horror. Though ignoring it is always a fair option, some of you may wonder how to respond. Three ways come to mind:

The first is the pious response. Simply reply that being on the wrong side of history doesn’t particularly bother you. We are all going to give an account of our lives to the Creator – not to a history book. In the light of Eternity, being a part of the intellectual pezzonovantes of the moment simply isn’t a big priority. As Lewis pointed out, anything that’s not eternal is eternally irrelevant.It's better to be on the wrong side of history than the wrong side of God.

The second is the cheeky response. Simply say that you’re not on the wrong side of history. In the case of the gay ‘marriage’ debate, those who understand that a marriage is fundamentally something between a man and a woman are on the same side of 99% of human history. Even the Romans and Greeks – who practised sodomy with great enthusiasm – still maintained that marriage was between a man and a woman. (More Here). What people mean when they talk about being on the wrong side of history is being on the wrong side of their imagined future.

Lastly, we have the empathetic response. Simply point out that we are all on the wrong side of history. By saying, ‘You’re on the wrong side of history’ the pro-gay ‘marriage’ crew mean that younger generations increasingly embrace this part of LGBT ideology. Therefore they think that people who don’t embrace this new view of sexuality and gender are on the wrong side of a growing social trend – and therefore of history itself. 

To this we can simply reply:

But aren’t there some growing social trends that you are on the wrong side of? Nationalism is growing. What about the wealth gap between the rich and the poor? That’s increasing and showing no signs of letting up anytime soon. If you oppose nationalism or huge wealth gaps between the very rich and the poor, then you’re also on the wrong side of history – at least for the time being.

If the person you’re discussing with is at least semi-reasonable, then I’ve found the last answer the most disarming and fruitful in paving the way for further respectful discussion.


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