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Is Jesus Really Silent about Homosexuality?

For non-Christians, this seems an odd debate. After all, mainstream society sees gender, marriage and sexuality as a form of individual self-actualisation and believes that one should be free to express these things however they wish – so long as they don’t hurt others. To people who aren’t Christian the whole discussion seems soooooo last millennia. But we Christians are foreigners to this world. 

Many of us don't have personalities that naturally enjoy debate. But as there are those who – in the name of Christ – are saying we need to adjust our teaching to the new LGBTQ ideology, then debate is upon us whether we like it or not.
In any debate involving people’s lives, points of view need to be expressed both sensitively and accurately - especially this one. Misinformation – however well intended – helps no one in the long run. That’s why it’s important to access popular sound bites that are often used in social media discussions to determine their truthfulness. One such is the lin…

Why is the Cross such a Big Deal?

Biographers typically use 99% or more of their book to describe the details of a man or woman’s life. Their words, relationships and accomplishments are what is paramount. After describing their life achievements, the biographer takes a few paragraphs to describe the person’s death. 

But with Jesus, it's completely different. 

When you read the biographical accounts of Jesus – Matthew, Mark, Luke or John – you will notice that the whole book is building to a climax: his murder. Almost 50% of John’s gospel deals with the week of Jesus’ death. There is no other historical figure whose death commands so much attention.
More songs have been sung about Jesus, more books written about him, more paintings painted of him – than any figure in history. In all this, it is the means of death – crucifixion – that commands the most attention. The result is that today the cross is the most widely recognised symbol in the world.
The Persians began the method of crucifixion by impaling someone with a …

How the World will be Transformed

I can get easily get distracted. Instead of using my time as a disciple of the Kingdom of Heaven, I often use it as a dumbassador from the Republic of Stupid. 

In addition to my own foolishness, the Bible teaches that there are demonic forces that try to keep us from God. There's actually a plot to keep us from investing our time in what is most important. 
In today’s world, there’s a lot of pressure on Christian leaders to ‘build a greater platform’ in order to to change the world for Christ. We are told to build social media followings, get speaking engagements, and make ourselves known. We have many would-be soldiers of the cross trying to make gain popularity with people. But what does all that ultimately matter if we lose popularity in heaven? Does hell really get nervous if our tweets are many but our prayers are few?
Some Christian leaders put a lot of attention into personal appearance. Looking sharp, well dressed, and hip is all the rage. From skinny jeans in some churches t…

Vegan Musketeers, Biblical Interpretation & Dragon Swag

Imagine you're walking through a high-school library when you come across a group students studying for a literature exam. They know in advance that one of the sections will be on 19th century French Novels. You hear one of the teenagers say, ‘I read The Three Musketeers. Anyone else?’ How surprised would you be to then hear…
‘Yes, it’s a fantastic vegan cookbook.’
‘For me it was a stirring overview of global economic history – though I’m unsure about the author’s predictions of a violent rise of the proletariat.’
‘I was so happy when the wizard came back as D’Artagnan after his fall in the mines of Paris.’
You might interrupt – that’s not how The Three Musketeers goes. After all, you read the book in college and had seen film adaptations as a child. You know how it goes.
What if those students then respond to you by saying, ‘That’s just your interpretation. It means something different for us. Did you read it in the original French? There are different translations – maybe yours was …