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Round Three: Letters to my Atheist Youth Leader

Hey, Rich. Thank you for your post (here).I was glad to see that we share a mutual appreciation of the metric system – a trait not shared by all our native countrymen. I was also glad to see that your response also touched on the subject of human value and meaning. 

These are weird notions for big clumps of cells like us to possess. As a Christian, I can give warrant for why I believe in value and meaning. But I'm curious how you - in your material Universe filled with atoms but void of fairies and deities - still hold to these notions. 
For example, musing on what is of real value you ask,
Think of Doctors Without Borders perhaps. These people literally give their lives to what they do. Is the reduction of suffering and the increase in happiness of these people of value?
The answer is no it isn’t.
Illusion of Value
In your pure materialist Universe, there is no more value in one blob of protoplasm flying from England to Uzbekistan to alleviate a subjective experience called pain than …

A Theology of Broken Hearts

We celebrate relationships that bring us joy on Valentine’s Day. Throughout the 20th Century, this has become almost exclusively focused on romantic relationships, but historically this was not always the case. The very first valentine was sent by a pastor named Valentine to his friend on the eve of his martyrdom.
And Valentine’s is a good day to celebrate relationships that are dear to us – be they romantic, familial, friendly, etc. But what about those of us who are dealing with a broken heart at Valentine’s? 

Hearts are broken when they lose something they love. Having a ‘broken heart’ is a term most commonly used to describe the pain of losing a romantic relationship - but it can also be the loss of other types of relationships that are dear to us.
What should we do if we find ourselves more wounded by love than inspired by love?
Three things…
1. First, it’s ok to mourn. The Bible is full of laments – there’s even a book that’s nothing but lamenting. In Job and the Psalms, we al…

7 Keys for Bloggers (and other Writers)

Tools that help us craft good writing in one genre, can sometimes help us in other genres as well. Here, I share some tips to help bloggers. But I’m confident that other sorts of writers – the love-struck novelist, the broke and angsty poet, etc – may also benefit from some of the points. 
1.Learn to rewrite. Writing is work. The blog that explodes from our fingertips when inspired, should not be uploaded immediately. It should be left to cool till we can read and reread it with fresh eyes the next day. We don’t want the world to see we don’t know how to spell or see that our syntax is lame. Read it out loud as you review it. Really.
The first part of writing may well be the thunderbolt of inspiration that assures us of possessing the greatest idea in the history of blogging. But it’s when we sharpen it against the whetstone of editing and rewriting that our piece develops its edge. Hemingway said we should write drunk and edit sober. He would know. It took more than a bottle of scotch …

Dear Left-Wing Friends,

Dear Democrats and Left Wing friends,
We need you. Over the decades, you have accomplished some great things for which all Americans can be grateful. No political party is without its dark stains, but you have accomplished much good. Thank you.
Who am I? An American by birth who immigrated to the EU after high-school and have lived here ever since. My wife and children are Scandinavian. I've developed a fondness for their welfare state - one that usually works. I'm still an indie-voter in American elections. But I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either Hillary or Trump in the last election. I was somehow hoping both would lose. In some causes, I’m more sympathetic to the Left. In others to the Right.

I’m writing to you because – though I am concerned about some of the things happening in the White House – I’m far more concerned about your reaction to these things. You used to be champions of Free Speech. When did the Right pick up that baton? On Inauguration Day the world saw v…