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Does God Hate Men?

Men are the image and glory of God.’ -1 Cor 11.7
Men, you were born into a culture that hates you.
You have been told to sit down and pay attention nicely like the girls that surround you since your earliest years in school. When your naturally boyish and boisterous selves resist this environment, they pump you full of Ritalin and other drugs.
You are sent into schools where girls are naturally encouraged every step of the way but you are not. Girls do better in our current form of education and tests.
35% more women than men go to University in the UK. More scholarships and grants are specially earmarked for women than men. A man and a woman of equal qualifications will often go for a job, but a woman is more likely to get it as it adds ‘diversity points’ to the business in the eyes of the government. If you are under 40 in the UK, you are earning less than your female co-workers. 
You are 11 times more likely to die at the workplace than a woman.

You are 3 times more likely to be homeles…

Men Eat Meat

Ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening.’
-1 Kings 17.6
Elijah unleashed his prophetic message upon the unsuspecting King. That short and single word did more to upset Ahab’s political-religious agenda than all the internal pundits and foreign powers combined. God now tells Elijah to go hide – and Elijah obeys.
He gets out of the public view and feeds himself on the meat that ravens bring him. Now some scholars argue that the Hebrew word translated as ‘raven’ may be an alternative word for ‘Arab’. So, it could’ve been Arabs that were giving this Israeli prophet food. (Which some may cheekily quip is a greater miracle.)
It was important that Elijah ate meat. He was a man who was not yet done his mission and he needed strength for his upcoming confrontations with the idols of Baal and Ashtoreth. Men need meat.
Now before I get attacked by some nightmarish mob of vegan feminists, I will concede that women also should eat meat and that Elijah didn’…

Islam: Terrorism or Theology

[Extract from Elijah Men Eat Meat]
Itook some time to better familiarise myself with Islamic teaching when I was nineteen. I remember when I first read that Muslim men receive a paradise of seventy-two virgins as a reward if they die for their cause. At the time, I could understand the attraction. It seemed quite the Scooby Snack. Now that I'm a few years older and married with four children, the idea of having to teach seventy-two women how to have sex just seems like a lot of work.
Four or five maybe. But seventy-two? A man has to know his limits.
Elijah confronts a plurality of beliefs on the mountain. Likewise, in our multi-kulti world, we also encounter a large buffet of ideas and one of the most popular dishes on the buffet at the moment is indeed Islam. Sadly, there are some teachers trying to mix the Gospel with this Mohammedan heresy under the banner of ‘Chrislam’. (Really, it’s a thing. Google it.) The condemnation of such teachers is just. 
In recent years, there has been…

Who is Really this World's God?

'As the LORD, God of Israel liveth, before whom I stand.’ -Elijah, 1 Kings 17
Does the devil rule our generation?
Read what Elijah says. Ahab and Jezebel led Israel into the dark jungle of idolatry. They did so with greater zeal than any of the Kings before them. Baal and Ashtoreth were worshipped in the field and in the temple. Paganism had displaced the YHWHism as the chief moral, social, political, and religious power in the land. And yet, Elijah still sees and proclaims YHWH to be Israel’s God.
This is not because he is blind to the situation.
There are no rose-tinted glasses being worn by our prophet. He knows that society no longer maintains any of the spiritual and sexual values of days gone by. Like the God of heaven, he too smells the vomitus reek of incense being offered up to other gods in the name of progress and enlightened thinking. Yet, he looks at the land and still can say, ‘The LORD is God here.’
Jesus spoke of the evil one as ‘the prince of this world’ (John 14.…

Stand before the King

‘As the Lord God of Israel liveth, before whom I stand’  -1 Kings 17.1
We all stand before someone or something. We wake up each morning with a circumstance or a person on our mind – a reference point that helps define who we are and how we act and react to the world around us. It’s something we want, something we love, or something we fear to lose.
Elijah was physically standing before the throne of Ahab, the most powerful man in his country. This King commanded armies and possessed the authority to have the prophet swiftly executed. Most of us would wet ourselves.
But Elijah wasn’t fazed. How? He had more than strong coffee flowing through him. His power came, not from what he drank, but what he saw. He had eyes of faith that had been cultivated by unseen hours spent in the secret place.
Elijah saw two thrones. He saw Ahab’s seat for what it was: a brief and fleeting thing. Beyond that, he saw the high and fiery throne that reigns forever unmoved in the granite halls of eternity. It w…

The Philip Fiasco

If you’re not a UK Christian, you may be excused for being ignorant of the Philip North dog pile this week. In that wild and wacky world of British Anglicanism, this was a man set to become a Bishop. There are a few elite perks to being a Bishop over here which include dressing as a pink Jedi.
Now as a Congregationalist, I could chuckle and wonder why anyone should be a Bishop in the first place. But let’s leave that fun for another time. In the Church of England being a Bishop means – in theory – having a significant degree of influence. Philip North was set to become the Bishop of Sheffield, but the problem was that he held to Biblical views of gender and sexuality. And that was simply too much for some – and the intoleristas began a smear campaign. In the midst of intense, personal attacks, North stepped down.
This got so big that Martin Bashir has an article on the BBC over the whole mess. He traces the source of this bullying back to the theologically liberal couple, Revs. Emma and…