Dear Alt Right, You have a Rainbow

Dear Alt-Right,

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am a slave. Not that it matters much. It’s who I belong to that’s of far greater importance.

It seems that you have something that belongs to Him. I’m writing to ask that you politely return it. I don’t know if your grandmothers ever taught you the moral imperative, ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’. Well, my Master is quite partial to that law – as He gave it.

You have recently acquired a rainbow. You're using it as a new symbol for your movement. You say the colours represent the various races and how they are best separate and not muddied together. 'Let the blacks, Latinos, Jews, whites, Arabs, and Asians all have their different corners and celebrate their own holidays' you say. 

I am not writing to comment on your politics as such. If a man wants to celebrate nothing but his own ethnic group, I feel no obligation to critique his tastes. But as quaint as your idea of racial segregation might be to some, I am writing to ask that you find another symbol to represent it.
Racial Rainbow Separation: we
shouldn't celebrate other race's holidays.

I know what you’re going to say. You’re going to argue that you pirated the rainbow fair and square from the kids over in LGBTQ land. That may be so, but there’s a snag. They stole it from my Master.

I had been working to get them to return it voluntarily. It wasn’t ever meant to be a symbol of sodomy or gender confusion. My Master had far more radical purposes for.

But now you have it. And though some of you may have successfully stolen the swastika from the gods of Hinduism, you’ll find that my Master is in quite a different league to them. I am optimistic enough to think that we can reason together.

It’s important that you know why the rainbow is so very important to him. You see, He once poured out judgement humanity. They were being violent and wicked to such a degree that He was grieved He ever made them in the first place. Finally, he flooded them all out – all except 8 people.

After the devastation, he chose the rainbow as a symbol of peace. There’s a reason it’s termed rain ‘bow’. It is, after all, shaped like a bow one would shoot arrows with. After the flood, the Master hung up his rainbow – as a warrior retiring from a mighty battle. The message was clear: He would never send a global flood upon the earth.

But that doesn’t mean humanity wouldn’t forgetfully descend into wickedness or that He wouldn’t get angry again. He didn’t burn his bow. He just redirected it. His bow was now aimed upward – at the very heart of heaven.

God’s arrows of judgment – be it against the arrogance of race, sexual perversion, or stealing – fell upon someone. But not the ones who deserved it. They landed upon himself in the person of Jesus of Nazareth on his cross of execution.

We may work to reconcile with friends. But God loves us while we’re still his enemies. This is possible because he exchanged his throne for our electric chair. The rainbow will be of far greater value to you if you allow it to stand for what my Master intended. He's not just interested in getting his symbol back, He wants you too. He comes to you with a pardon, stained with his own Jewish blood, in His nail pierced hand.

Upon your unconditional surrender to Him as your King, you will find his mercy and kindness far greater than anything you’ll find elsewhere. I know. I was once one of his enemies. One who had also stolen from Him.

As one who has now been made an envoy, I would suggest you not refuse his deal. For on the day of His wrath, your race and your politics will avail you nothing.


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