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Wimpy No Mo

[Extract from the book Elijah Men Eat Meat]

‘As the Lord God of Israel lives, before whom I stand’ -1Kg 17

How is Elijah received at court? Is the King angry? Is Elijah seen as a threat? Does the King yell at his guards to seize the prophet after he delivers his prophetic word? Does someone throw a spear at him and does he barely escape with his life? Or, is he laughed at? Who is this man who appears out of the caves with Ben Kenobi like mystery? Does the court assume that this man who claims to have power over the weather is drunk? Whatever the first impressions may have been, in the months to come the court will certainly remember with pointed discomfort the words spoken by that strange Gileadite who stood so boldly before their King.

We all stand before someone or something. We wake up each morning with a circumstance or a person on our mind―a reference point that helps define who we are and how we act and react to the world around us. It is something we want, something we love, or something we fear to lose. Elijah is physically standing before the throne of Ahab, the most powerful man in his country. This King commands armies and possesses the authority to have the prophet swiftly executed. Most of us would wet ourselves.

But Elijah isn’t fazed. How? He has more than strong coffee flowing through him. His power comes, not from what he drinks, but from what he sees. He has eyes of faith that have been cultivated by unseen hours spent in the secret place. He sees two thrones. He sees Ahab’s seat for what it is: a brief and fleeting thing. Beyond that, he sees the high and fiery throne that reigns forever unmoved in the granite halls of eternity. It is before that throne that Elijah trembles in private―and now he can stand in public. Elijah is not unique among the men of God in this regard. It is by faith that Mordecai will also stand centuries later before the wicked Haman―while everyone else pleads with him to bow.

Such a vision causes a man to fly the flag of holiness over his life. Sadly, the words ‘holiness’ and ‘worldliness’ have all but disappeared from 21st Century Christian speak here in the UK. These nouns get in the way of us showing trendy unbelievers just how hip we (think we) are. But when we live with a vision of the eternal throne, our goals change. There is only One we want to please. Only His opinion matters. This causes us to get rid of the compromise in our own lives and therefore fit to confront the spiritual plagues at work in the church and society.

True holiness leads to remarkable courage. Solomon wrote that ‘The righteous are as bold as lions’. But the devil uses intimidation to silence God’s men by making them eager for culture’s approval and fearing it’s angry rejection. If Jezebel cannot get you to celebrate fake teaching, she will at least try to silence you from speaking His truth. When we tremble before God, we march in courage towards men. The more we bend the knee before the true King, the less influence bullies and manipulators will wield over us. If we are to stand and speak for God in our generation, we cannot fear what those around us fear. Our lives must be controlled by a divine fear that leaves every earthly intimidation toothless. 

Extract from Elijah Men Eat MeatReadings to slaughter your inner Ahab and pursue Revival and Reform (Get Here) 


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