Anglican Resistance Fires Shots Ahead of Synod

Next week is the Church of England’s (CoE) official Synod. Religious men, women, and non-binary will descend on London in their ecclesiastical garb in what is sure to be the oddest-looking gathering since last summer’s cosplay convention. Unlike the cosplay convention, this clerical congress likes to take itself and its discussions very seriously and we should do them the favour of playing along.

In anticipation of this sober summit, a group of evangelical Anglican church leaders (CEEC) has just released a declaration formally referred to as 'Apostolic Life and Faith'. It's actually about sex. In releasing it they (presumably) hope to direct some of the synod’s discussion in a sane direction - something we cannot take for granted at Synod.

To understand why some people will find this interesting (other than the fact it's about sex), we need a bit of context.

The reason this synod is garnering more attention than normal is that the last one was more sin-odd than synod. Many Biblical Anglicans were caught off guard as theological revisionists denounced and pounced on those within the CoE who support ‘conversion therapy’ (a term that was ill-defined during the debates but is connected to the outrageous notion that Jesus might actually have the power to change someone’s sexual desires).

They also called for new ‘transsexual liturgy’ so that when a man who thinks he’s a girl tries to get others to join in the delusion, the church can solemnise his sad syndrome with some religious verbiage approved by the purple people. Perhaps it was exactly because the LGBT revolutionaries overreached at that synod that we are now seeing a degree of pushback in the form of today’s declaration.

Revolutionaries are often in too much of a hurry – they are eager to denounce and pounce on so much.

If you get it, you’ve just earned Marvel geek points.
Of course, for some years, there has been reassuring talk by bishops of ‘good disagreement’ within the CoE between those with different views of on sexual and gender issues. Evangelical Anglicans should’ve known better. The reality has been that the priests and priestesses of the Rainbow Religion have repeatedly bitch-slapped the Anglican faithful (see last year’s Bishop North's witch trial). After a few years of trying to maintain dignity with a black and blue visage, the orthodox within the CoE are now growing something akin to a backbone. Hence, this declaration.

This is a welcome change as, up till now, many of the Anglican Evanjellyfish have put up about as much fight against the bender blitzkrieg as an eight-year-old girl with candy floss. It may, even now, only be vertebrae the size of a man’s hand ascending out of the horizon, but it is something.

This declaration has supposed behind-the-scenes support from over fifteen bishops as well. That’s not a small amount of purple power as these things go.

What are we to make of it?

Some Evangelicals―and other orthodox Christians―have been leaving the CoE for alternative structures. But most have stayed within the CoE in hopes of either retaking their denomination or at least having a secure place for themselves within it. (The fact that the CoE owns their homes makes leaving a heavy price to pay.)

At first glance, this declaration may read as dry as well aged Vermouth to all but the keenest of theology geeks. One may think that a declaration on sex could be at least a little bit, well, sexy. But what it lacks in potential viral appeal, it makes up for in theological accuracy.

Cynics may remark that this is too little, too late. Wouldn’t a paper like this have been more appropriate three or four years ago? Where are the teeth? What’s to stop some purple Arch Jedi from saying ‘Thank you for your thoughts’ and then kicking it into far-left field never to be seriously discussed? The cynics may be wondering where is the ‘or else’ bit?

But these CEEC Anglicans are the real Resistance. They are holding onto hope amid the deluge of unbelief and cultural Marxism in their once great institution. And as long as they are willing to fight for it, spiritual fraternity calls upon us to support them. And support we shall.

There is potential for this thing to have teeth if you look carefully. Point five under ‘Application’ is worthy of our notice. In good Anglican style, it potentially says a lot while saying not committing itself to anything.

We do not wish for this differentiation, but recognise that it may become a tragic necessity. Our submission to apostolic teaching and practice means that, as apostolic Anglicans, we are deeply committed to being members of Church of England provinces which are similarly submissive and so communicating and clearly upholding—both de facto and de jure—the pattern of teaching and discipline handed down to us by the apostles.

Let me translate this from Anglicanese to common English. This is a warning shot. They are saying that if these revisionist nut-jobs succeed in fully hijacking our denomination, we must split. Preferably, we will take our own ‘province’ within the CoE so that we can actually follow Christ without interference and still be proper CoE (and keep our houses).  

Will these two sentences get the attention and discussion they deserve? Or will the Archbishops & company simply place it to the side and then condescendingly warn us all (again) about the great spiritual danger of homophobia―that epic sin (along with capitalism and patriarchy) that is supposedly the great cancer of Western Christianity.

We support the true Anglican Resistance in their hope―and we wait to see how the boys, girls, and unspecified at Lambeth Palace will respond. 
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  1. Joshua, I've hardly been on Facebook for months so have missed some of your ascerbic witticisms. I did laugh out loud reading this but agree 100% (nothing wrong with humour to make a point). I really can see a split coming. After all, history tells us that when people who read the Bible for themselves see that what they hear being preached gets further from its truth, they leave. Of course what then happens is that the new group allows the ascendency of wrong teaching until....... and so on. Thank God that He protects the veracity of His Word and always keeps a faithful remnant......and that His word will not return void (Is 55:11 for anyone that doesn't know where He says that). Margaret W.


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