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You Have Gay Blood on Your Hands

Have you come across this line?
Gays and lesbians are committing suicide in record numbers and it’s all because of people like you!
Now the context of such a comment matters immensely as to how one is to respond appropriately. But in recent conversations with other Christians, I’ve realised that many don’t know how to respond at all to this soundbite―and can even feel it’s a blunt form of emotional blackmail.
I’ve asked around and heard a few good responses - depending on the situation you find yourself in when this accusatory grenade gets lobbed your way. The type of response you should give when being shouted down to by a loud activist group should be marked by courage. Alternatively, the type of response you give when talking one-on-one with an individual who vulnerably approaches you should be marked by compassion.
Here are four possibilities that I’ve heard. I share them for your consideration:
The Put-Up or Shut-Up Approach. Ask for evidence. I know that this 'you're guil…

The Case for Hate Speech

When God created humans, He created them with the capacity to blaspheme. It is a capacity that mankind had made much use of throughout the millennia. Today one does not need to look far at all to find robust examples of God’s character being mocked and his Son being insulted.

The tongue exists to reveal the heart. 
Sadly, mankind thinks it knows better than God. When Christianity was a dominant ideology in Europe, blasphemy was a punishable offence. Thinkers like the French critic Voltaire fought against these laws that made the church (primarily the Roman Catholic Church) impervious to criticism. He used his witty and sarcastic prose to mock the moral inconsistencies of powerful church leadership―something that was dangerous and taboo at the time.
I disagree with Voltaire on some issues. I find some of his comments blasphemous, offensive, and needlessly harsh. Yet I dearly want to live in a country where people like Voltaire can articulate their offensive comments without fear of impris…

The Counter-Revolution

Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, there was a revolution. A group of creatures that were a quasi-hybrid of primates and angels rebelled against their Creator and King. These children of dust that carried divine breath began a revolution against the government of Heaven―a revolution that continues to this day.
This revolution has been given various names over the millennia. ‘The Fall’ and ‘Paradise Lost’ are among the more popular in the English language. It could also be labelled the ‘Self Revolution’ or the ‘My Revolution’.
It was this revolution that murdered Jesus. He explained what would happen to himself in a parable, saying, ‘But when the tenants saw the son, they said to each other, “This is the heir. Come, let’s kill him and take his inheritance.”’* We want this world to be ours. Mine.
My own.
My precious.
In our Gollum like insanity, we want to gain wisdom, happiness, love, and power for ourselves apart from the King. We want to self-name, self-justify, and self-ide…

Dear Ofsted

Dear Ofsted,
I am writing to save you a visit. It seems that you are in the process of reviving plans to assume oversight over non-state schools and programs that involve children and youth to ensure that such activities are in line with British values. According to the reports (Here), this will include churches such as ours.
I wish to lay the ethics of your little power grab over the activities of private citizens aside for a moment. Let me simply do you a favour so that you do not make a needless visit up our way. If you’re curious to know if what our church teaches its adults and children is in line with your ever-changing list of British Values, the answer is ‘No’.
At least, not all of them. There may be some on your list that are not wholly unrighteous. But that’s only because we Christians have been around long enough to make a degree of impact.
I know, based on your State school curriculum, that history is not your strong point. So please allow me to remind you of something. When …