I, Tiger Woods.

It was in the news yesterday: Tiger Woods and his wife are now divorced.

I remember late last year when the news broke of his numerous affairs and the amount of snickering that went on when he checked himself into rehab as being a "sex addict".  It was as if in confessing that he was "an addict" he was perceived as therefore abdicating moral responsibility.  

The Bible does not paint this dichotomy of sin.  In John's Gospel Jesus said,  "whoever commits a sin is a slave of sin."  Sin is a complex thing and being addicted to a particular sinful behaviour does not release one from the consequences of one's actions.  We are responsible AND we are slaves.

I am worried for a generation of men (and perhaps some women) who take this Tiger Woods thing with a cynical attitude.  If given the same amount of power, money and celebrity status would you or I not face similar temptations?  His sin is not a temptation to us because our life circumstances are different.  But we never know when, as a man, you may be faced with a "Potifar's wife" situation.  When temptation does come, I do not think we will be so quick to throw the stone at Tiger.

I am not sure if a man can be trusted if he is not aware of the fact that he is only too capable of dark, sinful and addictive behaviour.   May God have mercy on us all.


  1. I agree. It is too easy though to judge and to criticize, and that's what we see people do, until they themselves fall....

  2. When we sin i think it humbles us once again and causes us to go back to jesus. If there was no jesus to go back to there would be a downward spiral of guilt, shame and deeper sin. Tiger needs jesus. Think of how cool it would be if he got saved and changed!

  3. Amen! That would be great. I don't know about him... he may have been a Buddhist?


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