I, Uzzah.

I am Uzzah.

This morning our rector (read pastor) lead us in reading 2 Samuel chapter 6.  In it a man named Uzzah mishandles the ark of God. He reaches out his bear hand and touches the box that is supposed to house the very presence of God on earth. He treats God's Holy presence with disrespect.  For this, God kills him dead on the spot.

What struck me was the fact that I am still alive.  I so often act like Uzzah and take for granted God's presence.  I read my Bible, pray and then go out and sin.  I hold my Bible firm and preach to others but then fight to (and often fail to) live out the same things I'm calling God's flock to.

If God would kill Uzzah, how much more me?  It is the sheer mercy of Jesus that I wake up each morning.  If he treated me with fairness instead of undeserved mercy, I wouldn't be here.

Perhaps it seems obvious to some, but remembering on an emotional level changes the way one prays.


  1. I always find this passage hard. Feels like Uzzah was an innocent by-stander trying to do the right thing (i.e. stop the Ark falling) - he was put in the position by David who did not follow the rules for transporting it.

  2. I am so thankful for God's mercies towards me, daily.


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