UK Christian Job Vacancy: Prophet

The Church in the UK has a vacancy which urgently needs to be filled.

This ministry role is reminiscent of the ministry of John:

Half an hour before John the Baptist proclaimed God’s word, there was no one in Jerusalem who knew he was there. Half an hour after he proclaimed that word, there was no one who didn’t know he was there.

John stepped into a barren spiritual desert. The Jewish religious leaders of the day had a heartless religion through which they proclaimed their monopoly on God. The Romans flaunted their pagan immorality up and down the land allotted to God’s people. It seemed like any type of God honouring ministry would be impossible in such a place. The blind were horse whipping the blind. It was black midnight on the spiritual landscape.

And then the word of God spoken by John tore through the land like a burning comet tears through a field of dry stubble.

God’s Church here in the UK has a vacancy and it’s urgent that it be filled. The role of prophet is wide open. With all our machinery, all our money and all our ministers... it is still dark. 

The abominable Baal and Asherah are worshipped in the Temple of God under a deceptively worded banner of "inclusivity". This worship affirms people in their bondage instead of setting them at liberty.

We have meetings a plenty but none of them seem to rock society at large or introduce the Fear of the Lord (a concept the Church has forgotten?) into the world around us. Where is the spoken word which will cause people to say of us, as they did the early Church, “These men have turned the world upside down”? With all our activity we need one who can wield a word which will shake a nation.

But who is fit to speak such a word?

It takes broken men to break men. He who would reap with joy must first sow in tears. The lifespan of men in the Bible who carried the word of repentance was noticeably short. Those who would call sin, “sin” better not value too much this present life and all its toys, accolades and comforts.

I am thankful for our Bible colleges. God doesn’t put a high price tag on stupidity. But though the Church has never had more men (and women) with high levels of education than it does now, we are still losing ground with every decade. We have many with great intellectual stature, but few of equal spiritual stature. 

To qualify for the role of prophet, there is no requirement of formal education. There is, however, the requirement that you “have been with Jesus”. Your life must be wholly his. All your treasure must be stored up with him. You cannot be one who is shaken by the tremors of time but you must tremble before the throne of eternity. There is no pay. It will cost you everything. You may not live to retirement. It’s a job which is guaranteed to break your heart.

Please send your job applications along with your sweat, blood and tears to: The Altar of God.

If you are selected, you will be notified.

So will everyone else.


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