Will there be Sex in Heaven?

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The description of seventy-two sultry virgins said - by some Islamic preachers - to be awaiting the faithful Muslim in paradise has caused just about every Christian teenage boy to consider converting at some point. Mohammed’s description of the afterlife just seems a bit more interesting than the games played at St. Bartholemew's youth club and more exciting than the impression they have about heaven - which often comes across as an everlasting worship set.

Now for me, the idea of having to teach seventy-two women how to have sex just sounds like a lot of work. Whether that is because I'm getting holier or I'm getting older, I will let others speculate.

So.... What does the Bible actually say about sex - or romance - in heaven? 

Nothing directly. But, as you may imagine, that doesn’t keep some from speculating. Many say, ‘no’ claiming that Jesus said there will be no marriage after the resurrection. That’s actually a slight deviation from Jesus words in Matthew 22. People won’t be getting married to each other, but there will be one marriage: the marriage of a united humanity with God.

Some say, 'yes' because in the next life our bodies will be raised. When Jesus rose from the dead he still ate food. People could touch him. If we still have our bodies and do other physical things, why not sex - even if it operates under a different set of rules? There’s nothing sinful about sex - it existed before sin came into the world (Genesis 2).

I think the discussion needs some perspective. I remember my son (age 7) asking me what sex was. I replied that sex was a fun game that a man and a woman can play once they're married. He then asked me if it was as fun as eating chocolate. I told him that it was even better than eating chocolate. He looked at me with eyes full of incredulity and said, ‘Nothing is better than eating chocolate!’

I assured him that when he started playing with his wife, he be having so much fun that he wouldn’t even think about chocolate. My son still doesn’t believe me. At his age, he is unable to imagine that type of mature pleasure. He must grow up before it even makes sense to him. 

Yes, after his resurrection Jesus did have a body that could do what ours did. He could eat, walk and shake hands. But his body did lots of things ours can’t. It could walk through walls and ascend up into heaven. We have five senses now. At the resurrection, we’ll have many more. Though existence in the next life will include what we now experience, it will also contain joys unimaginable.

The one who asks if there is sex or romance in heaven is a lot like my son. He cannot now imagine a greater pleasure. At the resurrection - when we do experience them - I doubt we’ll even be thinking about sex.

I doubt there will be sex (at least as we know it) in heaven - but we can’t rule out the possibility based on the Bible. But I am certain that there will be superior joys that will cause current experiences to pale by comparison.

I am also certain there will be no angelic pharmacy dispensing an everlasting supply of blue pills to fuel a Muhammadan vision of paradise. 


  1. Totally agree. Discussions about heavenly matters are limited by our inability to truly grasp infinite concepts. Our finite minds simply can't understand. Biblical descriptions of Heaven are merely human words trying to describe divine and infinite things. We can only relate to what we don;t know via what we do, and that itself has limitations. I like sex...a lot, but if there is no such activity in Heaven, I'm pretty sure I won't care.

  2. Interesting article mate, read Odin Hetricks - Inside the gates of heaven, he touches on this subject.

  3. Thank you for referring me to this article over my twitter citation from Luke 20:34-36 and here’s my elaborated response over sex. If you look at it in reality, it's being done either in darkness or in secret, whereas “GOD is light and in Him there's no darkness at all”. If so, we need to study the origin of sex in the light of the Holy Bible.

    Sex, I mean sexual relations between Adam & Eve prior to their fall has not been considered as sex or sexual relations and it never existed as per Genesis 2 which closes informing us that they were naked but not ashamed that proved that they were not in sex but that a scenario was changed into shame as we study Genesis 3 that they were realised that they're naked & felt shame and their nakedness were covered by fig leaves and in this case it's very clear that Satan was responsible and equally Man & Woman were also responsible, therefore sex is rooted from Satan.

    Blessings of GOD according to Genesis 1:28 became invalid, in stead the system of satan validated and that sexuality replenished the population, therefore all are sinned as NT declared.

    If Adam & Eve didn't fall then they would have continued with a blessings of GOD as per Genesis 1:28 wherein, in stead of sexual relations, the way of GOD would have been instrumental replenishing the population as it's known when we study the birth of the son of GOD, CHRIST who was born because of the HOLY SPIRIT entered into the physical body of Mary.

    Similarly if Adam didn't fall, his Spirit would have entered into Eve and conceived a baby, then Cain would have been born as CHRIST born as Holy. Therefore the way of GOD for replenishment has not been known to the mankind and took these works of darkness & secret has been Godly is a great deception still continuing in Abrahamic Religions.

    You are requested to continue to read my next post….

  4. In Luke 20:34-36, Sadducees ask a question to JESUS based on their own position as there's no life after death which's contrary to the position that JESUS answered.

    Since, Sadducees have no hope of life after death then they're prone to marry and are given in marriage and remarriages etc., but when people who have hope for life after death, then they're not suppose to live like Sadducees and in the teachings of CHRIST, this has been pivotal subject and taught even in higher level. What's really Resurrection from Death?

    In this Luke 20:34-36 context or the New Testament, it's not an event that's going to take place when CHRIST returns or after the end of this age but it has to be taken place here in the present world. Just think of Christian Baptism which speaks of death and resurrection, though it's formal but nominal and never be real or literal but it's suppose to be real and literal as we find in the lives of Apostles, though they lived not in the entirety of the New Testament because of the book of Revelation was not available to them except John who recorded for the purpose of making it available to the subsquent generations.

    Therefore when we study Death & Resurrection with a entirety of the NT, it's known Resurrection is something that JESUS taught Sadducees is about literal death & resurrection, if so what's death? & What's resurrection?

    Death is something exit of a Spirit then body becomes dead and if there's a HOLY SPIRIT enter then the body becomes resurrected as these TWO events can happen simultaneously or one by one without a time gap.

    Therefore it's impossible for the people in whom the HOLY SPIRIT indwells to engage in wilful sexual relations which's again as I said earlier, works of Satan even in the bond of wedding which has been proclaimed nominally as Holy Matrimony but in reality it’s not because it never produces Holy Children.

    Apostles were never engaged in sex as of Christians now or conducted any marriages ever in their long period of ministries around the world. Therefore marriage of this age never happen among those who are worthy to obtain the kingdom of heaven, thus Christians are in great deception and urged by the book of Revelation to discover what was existed in the 1st century ministries, that's possible only through overcoming the deception that prevails in the 21st century Christianity.

    You are requested to continue to read my next post….

  5. Thus, sexual relations are not suppose to happen here in the lives of those who are really repented from this point of sin and sex, then how does it be possible in heaven? Impossible because its an instrument of devil to establish his kingdom that’s why this world is so horrible and cruel.

    Mohammedans does not have the book of the New Testament, they can say whatever as Sadducees have no hope of life after death but those who have the New Testament should have to consider what JESUS meant in the entirety of the New Testament and take a final call but unfortunately Christians are doing so many false things that prompted formation of thousands of denominations.

    Finally, CHRIST instructed everyone to be witnesses when He uttered Acts 1:8 then His earlier words like a famous John 3:16 becomes invalid, being believers Christians are not suppose to embark any sort of ministry of CHRIST, even Apostles were not allowed to embark without becoming witnesses of CHRIST to carry His ministry to the end of the world, how did Christians embark their ministries being believers?

    So, being believers of CHRIST if anyone embark ministries then it would be beaded on false doctrines & theologies that needs to be changed, May the LORD open eye’s of Christians who are in high positions.

    Thanking you,
    William G.Peter
    New Testament Activist’s.


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