I need to confess...
I desire to sin. At times I desire to be selfish, to take vengeance on those who hurt me, to punish my enemies, to covet things I don’t hand, to complain about my circumstances instead of giving thanks, to allow myself illicit sexual fantasy, to look down on others, to relish in an air of superiority, to be greedy with my money, to cover over the truth, to quickly judge others I disagree with and to wallow in self-pity. 

I am far more evil than I ever realised when I was young.

I also need to confess…
God has adopted me into his family: while I was still his enemy, he sent Christ to die for me. He was raised to give me life. I have been accepted, because Christ allowed himself to be rejected. 
I am far more loved than I ever realised when I was young.



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