The Death of Sex

Anyone with a pair of eyeballs can see porn. Anyone with another set of balls seems to want to. (Though ‘erotica’ for girls is on the rise). But it shouldn’t be too difficult for most people to see something else: we have killed sex.

Today - Tuesday the 13th - Playboy magazine announced to the lecherous masses that it is planning to drop fully nude female photos from its magazine. (Whether intentional or not, they did this on ‘National No Bra Day’ - a movement started in 2011 to supposedly raise awareness about breast cancer.)

It’s worth pointing out something I hinted at in August about Go Topless Day (here).

(Yes, it seems that every new holiday coming outta USA these days involves boobs or sex with someone other than your hetero-spouse.)

At first, it may seem good that Playboy is dropping full nudes. ‘After all’, some may say, ‘the SUN in the UK recently decided to drop its topless Page 3 Girls. This is surely progress.’

Only it isn’t. People aren’t stopping to look at pictures of naked ladies because they have repented of lust. They aren’t suddenly more moral or more enlightened. The truth is, they are bored. Playboy's CEO Scott Flanders explained about the influence of online porn, ‘You're now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free. It's just passé at this juncture.’

Lust carries within itself the seeds of its own destruction. Sex is a great gift from God to be enjoyed between a man and a woman who are married. But like nuclear power, this gift is destructive when taken out of its safe context.

30 years ago boys would sneak behind the school house to sneak a peak in a porn magazine in hopes seeing a naked woman. Today – in a world where Viagra seems as necessary as water – such images are boring. People will never find an image naked enough to satisfy what it is they're looking for. Only Jesus can meet that longing.

May God save our souls and our sex.


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