T'was the Night Before the Refugees Came

T’was the night before the refugees came
and all through the Earth
Not a creature was looking for
a magical birth

Restless kings were trying to sleep
in castles of stone
Weary shepherds watched scattered flocks-
their lot to bemoan

When to a small Bethlehem inn
Two refugees came
Joseph and his too pregnant wife -
Miriam by name

But what should their road tired ears
unexpectedly hear
“There are no more empty beds
for any I fear.

"The new laws from our government
means no space in our house
No room inside for the smallest
not even a mouse”

So Joseph took Miriam to a shelter
carved into a hill
“It’s the best I can provide tonight;
at least there’s no bill!”

So outdoors with a bull and a goat
and eight tiny sheep
While others were in their warm houses
pursuing some sleep

Caesar with untold luxuries
in his palace in Rome
Still Mary slept with all peace
for she was at home

In this world our hearts are strangers -
restless under the sun
Each man, homeless in his own home
when the day is done

Though we empty the universe of comforts
it stays ever wild
Our hearts aren’t at home until we
meet the refugee child
-JD Jones
Forbidden Friendships on Amazon


  1. I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity. See the link below for more info.



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