The 2nd Morning

Good morning my friend. It’s here! The 2nd morning.

The world was born one morning - when God put one man in a garden and gave him a woman as a companion.

The world was born-again on another morning - when the God-man walked out of his tomb into the garden – and was mistaken for a gardener by the precious woman who had been his companion and friend.


Someone once remarked how when the world gave our King a cross, they never imagined He would use it to make a throne.

We know his forgiveness in this life, and we long for the day when we will see his face. It will be familiar – not because we have seen it before – but because in his face we will see the perfection of all the things that we loved in this life that were truly good. We will have found the source of all those streams. All the beauty, stirrings, nostalgia and vision we found in our art, poems and music will be seen to have been but imperfect glimpses refracting off the mirrors from that majestic place we will one day call home.

I bet the coffee is great there.

On that day, everything sad will come untrue. And joy will flow far as the curse is found.
May hope keep you till that day,


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