5 Reasons Remain Voters shouldn't Slit their Wrists

Crap...It's Independence Day

So, you’ve campaigned hard. You’ve put memes on Facebook that have caused some to unfriend you. You’ve tried to persuade others about the dangers of a Brexit – but you woke up this morning to see you lost. Here are five reasons not to end it all:

  1. England has always had an anti-European streak. Be this decision smart or stupid – we’re being true to our historic selves.
  2. We’ve seen the exciting movies about a Zombie Apocalypse. Now we get to see the real thing, free of charge.
  3. Today the Hollywood film ‘Independence Day 2’ is out. Now you have an even greater excuse to nip to the cinemas. 
    'Well done Britain, Baby!'
  4. Donald Trump thinks we’ve done the right thing. What more could we want than to go up in his books?
  5. If you’re a Christian, neither England nor Europe are your home. You’re living for an everlasting Kingdom. The EU, the UK and other nations would fail one day. In the scale of eternity, this will mater less than we assume it will

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  1. Joshua

    Apologies never got to the 'Pastor' piece and commented back but was without any screaming errors, as far as read/when/me-though. (Still not again/on list).

    Mutual voluntary, choose-to heed, intentional community – is surely fine. Albeit first among equals in leadership – 'leader'. Therefore obey those in love with, unless God asks you to leave this covenant. So marriage is mutual obey one another. No leaving on this basis. The 'shepherding movement' caused a whopping over-reaction against. But the whole idea of co-dependency church, “you need to cover me/look after me…?” – exceptional circumstances aside, where's this in the N.T. Or much talk of leadership at all?

    As for the Brexit made a couple of short comments, one here and up: http://21stcenturywire.com/2016/06/24/the-fuddy-duddies-have-it-cameron-resigns-following-brexit-vote/#disqus_thread

    I recognise the progressive evangelical 'vote' was solid Remain. Comes from a number of reasons – I believe – mostly about 'progressing' as an evangelical. You have a very small p about you and a – to use the word you do – 'streak' of pentecostal pioneer about you (like that/a lot).

    1. Yes, something of history. Or is it more God-embedded about lands and homelands?

    2. 'Zombie Apocalypse' is an acclimatising, centrally driven, deeply religious, purposeful, revelation (of method…) That unless we pray and overcome..? Sheer mind-control. Genetics/engineering/eugenics – all rolling out. Unless we…

    3. If I did movies (anymore) – would agree.

    4. DT's and interesting one. Bit like Brixit (if we do + might be) potential for blessing. Man has to stand. Tall call. Like Brexit(?) DT is being – my discernment – used as judgement on the nations. IF – he doesn't so-compromise, which of course would cause him to have to miraculously survive assassination attempts. (Only a God can directly stop this, I reckon).

    5. 'In the scale of eternity, this will mater less than we assume it will'. Yes and no. Paul said 'Rather… But…' And to God it really, really, matters.

    Five fine provokers though. Bold on.



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