3 Minimals of Missional Fruitfulness

I have been sharing the message of Jesus for over 20 years - which means that most of my readers think I'm old and decrepit. 

Perhaps I am. But during those eons of exisistence I’ve had the chance to have many conversations about who God is and by His grace even see a few lives changed through the gospel. I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my attempts at missional living – I’ve certainly embarrassed myself on several occasions. Some teaching on how to ‘evangelise’ can be complicated or even weird. But I’ve found that though missionaries come in all varieties, they fruitful ones always share 3 minimals. Here are the 3 practices I’ve found that consistently aid me and other Christians in Christ’s call to be a witness.


It’s painfully cliché, but it’s true: God gives us two ears but only one mouth. When talking with people around you, learn to ask good questions so that you can… listen. God may have worked in their life in ways you know nothing about. Before you talk - you want to learn all you can about the person you will be speaking to. To not listen isn't just rude - it's unwise.

They have a history and may have certain reasons why they don’t follow Christ - even if those reasons are bad. People really do want to share their story. In order to talk they just need to feel safe – and know that you genuinely care. Be that person. After you’ve listened, politely ask permission if you can share your story. If they say yes, proceed to tell them of the impact Christ has had on you. Be gentle, courageous, and humble.

Good News

Once you’ve been invited to speak, get the message right. There are two parts to our message. The first part of our message is who Jesus is and what he’s done. This is called the ‘Gospel’ or ‘Good News’. We often mess this up, thinking that the Good News is good advice. We tell people what they should or shouldn’t be doing: don’t do drugs, don’t get an abortion, stop sleeping around, start recycling, start giving to the poor, etc. Don't do that - don't be religious twat. The Good News is simply that when we were helpless in our sins, Jesus came to save us by taking our place on the cross and by rising again to give us new life. We repent and find mercy in him. It’s not what we do, it’s what has been done for us that we are called to witness to.

The second part you share is your own story. It’s about what you used to be and how Jesus has changed you. It’s not about how you cleaned yourself up and no longer go the parties you used to go to. It’s not about how you used be selfish but now you’re really dedicated to helping your community. It’s not your self-improvement project. It’s about how you’ve experienced Jesus’ mercy in spite of your failures. For me that means saying how I was once afraid of death, but the resurrected Jesus has broken that fear in my life and given me deep peace. It’s telling how I often feel lonely – but how I’ve experienced God’s faithfulness in my darkest hours.

Persistent Prayer

Lastly, pray. I don’t mean to insult all you geniuses by mentioning this – but it’s the 101 basic that hell keeps getting us away from. When I persistently ask God for opportunities to be a witness, doors begin to open. We share the message, but it is the Holy Spirit who opens hearts and who guides our steps. A life of fruitful missional living begins with and is sustained by persistent, private prayer.

Cultivate these three minimals in your life, keep coming back to them when you get distracted, and let me know how God begins to use you.

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