How the World will be Transformed

I can get easily get distracted. Instead of using my time as a disciple of the Kingdom of Heaven, I often use it as a dumbassador from the Republic of Stupid. 

In addition to my own foolishness, the Bible teaches that there are demonic forces that try to keep us from God. There's actually a plot to keep us from investing our time in what is most important. 

In today’s world, there’s a lot of pressure on Christian leaders to ‘build a greater platform’ in order to to change the world for Christ. We are told to build social media followings, get speaking engagements, and make ourselves known. We have many would-be soldiers of the cross trying to make gain popularity with people. But what does all that ultimately matter if we lose popularity in heaven? Does hell really get nervous if our tweets are many but our prayers are few?

Some Christian leaders put a lot of attention into personal appearance. Looking sharp, well dressed, and hip is all the rage. From skinny jeans in some churches to tailored suits in others – many preachers and worship leaders give great attention to their personal apperance and hygiene. But what does our outward cleanliness matter if we have dirty minds and unclean spirits? Does God distribute his anointing based on our fashion sense? We know better than to say ‘yes’, but our use of time betrays us.

Others put a lot of time and energy into staying in shape. Pursuing physical fitness is not bad – but it’s usually the good that takes the place of the best. Does it really matter how big my biceps are if my soul is puny? How proud should I be of my physical tone if my spirit is anaemic? One day my body's strength will fail me and I will have to lay my tired bones down down to rest in eternity's sea. Will I enter those waters with a mighty, well trained heart? 

It's important that we are wise with our money. The Bible speaks of stewardship and our use of money does reflect the condition of our inner life. But if our cleverness with earthly riches only results in bigger personal accounts for us, what will that matter before the judgement seat? If we have worldly wealth but spiritual poverty then we are exposed as being nothing more than a special, multi-flavoured variety of insane.

Knowledge is also good. There are no brownie points in God’s economy for being a dummy. But even if we have vast theological knowledge – will that alone break the powers of darkness over our generation? I know many people who burned with the fire of God in their youth. But as the years past, their minds grew deeper, but their hearts became shallower. Their academic standing flourished while their knee bending wilted. You can have more theology degrees than Fahrenheit - but still have a frozen heart.  Will this cause demons to tremble?

As we age, we may start to get grey hairs – may we not get grey hearts. In prayer we can maintain all the cheer and charm of life’s summer prime.

For those who are new, at first the hours may seem to drag. But as your heart muscles grow, the time gallops away as you engage with God in Spirit and in fire. Making time is not easy at first. Even this morning I awoke to pray only to find my twisted summer sleep hanging about me like sea weed. But intimacy with God - and a platform before heaven - grows by investing time, focus and energy. No shortcuts.

God does what nothing else will do - and he says that he will respond to focused, feverent prayer. Not just talking about prayer, preaching about prayer or blogging about prayer – but actual, heat producing prayer. Prayer for God’s Kingdom to breakthrough to our generation which is running faster than Usain Bolt towards a dark and Christless insanity.

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