Book of the Month: Dare to Ask

I have read some good books this month, but I’d like to highlight Dare to Ask by Israeli author and worship leader, Simcha Natan. She lives near Mt. Carmel where she helps to lead programs centred around intercession and worship.

It had been a while since I’d read a book of this sort. It is a reflective in tone and personal in application. It’s the type of book you’d want to take with you on a quiet prayer retreat – or the type to read at the end of the year to take stock of your spiritual health. It deals with personal dreams, gifting’s, serving others and personal sanctification. I often caught myself thinking of the Biblical story of Joseph and how God shaped his character and then resurrected his dreams.

I have well highlighted Natan’s book, but a few of favourite lines would be:

‘There is a tension we must learn to live with well: to be at peace that our dreams may never happen, while trusting that God placed them in our hearts for a reason.’

‘It is necessary to hold onto the Maker of our dreams rather than clinging on to the dreams themselves, or making idols of them.’


‘When an audience of One is enough, we’re much more likely to be given a greater audience.’

Dare to Ask isn’t long and the chapters are served in digestible portions. It helped me to take stock of things in my own life. It is available in Kindle and paperback on Amazon sites worldwide. More information about the worship and prayer programs that Natan helps lead can be found at


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