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How to Deal with Fake Elijah

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Theological Feminism & Gay Activism in the Church

I do not permit a woman to teach and have authority over a man.’ -1Tim 2 ‘Wives, submit to your husbands. Husbands, love your wives.’ -Col 3 Feminism and LGBTism in the Church If you didn’t burn the book after the last reading, well done. Perhaps you are a Feminist who has dared to go outside your echo chamber by reading this―that’s exceptional. At least you are open-minded enough to explore relevant questions and objections to your beliefs. Well done. Here is another question: Why are the denominations that embraced Feminism a generation or two ago now being invaded by LGBT activism but not the ones that didn’t? Earlier this year, it was the URC who marked their 100th anniversary of ordaining women with a call to all churches to start ‘marrying’ gay couples. There is great pressure within Methodism and CoE to do the same.
If you identify as an ‘Egalitarian’ who also embraces the historic, Christian understanding of marriage between one man and one woman, ask yourself why Complementarian…

Boys, Girls, and Theological Feminism

[Extract from the bookElijah Men Eat Meat]

I do not permit a woman to teach and have authority over a man.’ -1Tim 2 ‘Wives, submit to your husbands. Husbands, love your wives.’ -Col 3

On the 20th March, 2014 Labour MP Ben Bradshaw of Exeter stood in Parliament and gave a speech commemorating the 20th anniversary of the ordination of women in the Church of England. Reflecting on the issue as a Catholic, he proclaimed,
I confidently expect the Roman Catholic Church to embrace the ministry of women, in exactly the same way as the Church of England has done. It is a theological inevitability. It may not happen in my lifetime, but the fact that we have done it, blazed a trail and shown how positive, successful, valuable, wonderful and holy it is will help progressive Catholics on the same road.[1]
Two elements of this speech are noteworthy. The first is the confident assertion that this change was a ‘successful’ one. The second is the view that all of Christianity will fall into line with this…

Boys, Girls, and the Men's Rights Activists (MRA)

[Extract from the bookElijah Men Eat Meat]

I do not permit a woman to teach and have authority over a man.’ -1Tim 2 ‘Wives, submit to your husbands. Husbands, love your wives.’ -Col 3

Trigger Warning: We’re going to talk about gender now because, you know, this book hasn’t been controversial enough. This is the first of three parts that take a look at both Menism and Feminism. If you get triggered easily, please take your meds before reading.
Red Pill is a documentary that was released in 2016 by filmmaker Cassie Jaye who has produced other award-winning documentaries. But this one is different. Through the film, Miss Jaye undergoes a transformation. She begins the film as a Feminist who is out to expose the insidious Men’s Rights Activists (MRA). But in the process, she becomes convinced that the movement is not composed of misogynistic thugs as she had previously been led to believe. Miss Jaye concludes that it is her own Feminist ideology that is errant, abandons it, and embraces Meni…

Intro to 'Elijah Men'

[Intro to the bookElijah Men Eat Meat ]

Hello Martin Luther ignited a world-changing reformation on a door in Wittenberg, Germany on the 31st October 1517. Armed with nothing but words and a hammer, he protested against a spiritually bankrupt world and a corrupt priestcraft. He protested against religious abuse and the absence of God’s word in the language of his people. Thus, Protestantism was born.
But this birthday is a dark one for the UK church. Aggressive demands are being made by this generation’s zeitgeist on the church and fires of holy resistance are tragically few and far between. A blitzkrieg of LGBT activism has battered us in efforts to squash all dissent to a new view of sexuality and marriage. Qur’anic passages that deny Christ’s divinity are now read in our nation’s cathedrals at the invitation of ministers. One man who held ‘traditional views’ on gender was bullied out of becoming a bishop in our midlands. Sadly, many churches have responded with all the fight of a wet …

Wimpy No Mo

[Extract from the bookElijah Men Eat Meat]

‘As the Lord God of Israel lives, before whom I stand’ -1Kg 17

How is Elijah received at court? Is the King angry? Is Elijah seen as a threat? Does the King yell at his guards to seize the prophet after he delivers his prophetic word? Does someone throw a spear at him and does he barely escape with his life? Or, is he laughed at? Who is this man who appears out of the caves with Ben Kenobi like mystery? Does the court assume that this man who claims to have power over the weather is drunk? Whatever the first impressions may have been, in the months to come the court will certainly remember with pointed discomfort the words spoken by that strange Gileadite who stood so boldly before their King.
We all stand before someone or something. We wake up each morning with a circumstance or a person on our mind―a reference point that helps define who we are and how we act and react to the world around us. It is something we want, something we love, or so…

Is God Angry?

[Extract from the bookElijah Men Eat Meat]

'Ahab did more to provoke the Lord God of Israel to anger than all the Kings of Israel that were before him.' -1Kg 16
Does God get angry? Elijah’s epic makes no sense if we cannot answer this question correctly. And not just in regards to these few canonical chapters; the whole Biblical narrative makes no sense if we are uncertain on this point. Our narrator describes God’s anger as laying upon Israel like a dark fog when Elijah steps onto the scene. But it is this concept of divine wrath that our generation doesn’t do particularly well with.
It shouldn’t be surprising that a generation finds certain elements of God’s character challenging to comprehend. After all, He is wide, expansive, and whole. We are products of cultures that are small, narrow, and broken. We may struggle to see how seemingly contradictory attributes can exist within one integrated being. But our difficulty reconciling certain passages has more to do with us and ou…