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The Topless Prophet (part one)

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Church calls its LGBs to Celibacy - Culture Loses it

Sex is great.
Let's be clear: we are not talking about the male-female gender binary right now, wonderful as that is. We're referring today to the actual act of knocking boots. 

I’m a bloke with a solid history of heterosexual behaviour. I look back upon it all with fondness while also cheerfully anticipating much more in the days and years ahead. It’s important to clarify this point because some might think that in this post we are disparaging or making light of the gift of sex. 

No. What we must do, rather, is to expose the view of our orgasm worshipping society as false. Then we can put this gift in its proper perspective.
The Sexy Celibates
Which brings us to our point. There has been a lot of chatter through social media lately on how unfair it is that Christians with same-sex attraction are being called by the church to a life of celibacy. (Cue the gasping and shameful shaking of heads). 
A lot of this is a reaction to our increasingly vocal celibate, same-sex attracted leader…

Mary Magdalene MUST be a Hooker

The Junia Project released an article on one of my favourite Bible characters in the run up to Easter. Much is made of Mary Magdalene's relationship with Jesus in my book Forbidden Friendships. She’s an uneclipsable chick - and the resurrection account with her in John 20 is one of the most beautiful passages in all of Scripture.
That’s why the Junia article (HERE) is so disappointing. It's even got some push back from their own followers over the issue.
To the article's credit, it is historically solid. The article is not misinformation or ‘fake news’ in that regard. The author, Gail Wallace, has done her homework well. There is no intellectual horsepower missing – it's good information.
But though a car may have great horsepower under the hood, we must ask what the point is if it's headed down the wrong lane of traffic. It contains accurate information but argues for an undesirable destination.
Wallace gives much of her attention to demonstrating that Mary was NOT a …

The Disillusioned Christian Man

It is enough; now, O Lord, take away my life.  -1 Kings 19
I write this on Easter Saturday. Some have called it ‘Long Saturday’ or ‘Silent Saturday’. It’s the Saturday when the disciples were hurt and confused. The circumstantial drama of the crucifixion was over. The joy of Easter had not yet begun. The wound had been delivered. Now they had to live with it.
Disillusionment is a particular type of suffering and is often an element within other types of suffering. It’s the unmet expectations and disappointments writ large. The trauma that circumstances and people were not as you had thought them to be. But God is disillusioning us because he loves us. We are of limited use to him as long as we have illusions. Removing them so that we can come to terms with reality is a painful but necessary step in God crafting his man.
This last year has held many blessings for which I am grateful. But it’s also included a painful disillusionment. I've suffered the loss of a relationship that I had p…

Can Morality come from Evolution Alone?

My Dear Atheist,

You wrote me to explain why you think it is no longer necessary to believe in God. I appreciate that. It was a friendly gesture. I hope you don't mind if I return my own thoughts - especially in response to what you wrote on morality and ethics. You say,
Altruism is an evolutionary response to the pressures of competition in the world – we can’t help but find it enjoyable
So, according to your theory, we act in a moral way because evolution has designed it that we get pleasure from doing so. Please let me briefly share four issues I have with your new theory. 

Animal Morals? First of all, when some of our 'evolutionary animal cousins' eat their own children or when a male forces sex on a female, is this morally wrong? Can animals act in an immoral way? You argue for a universal moral metric stick. But given the evolutionary process, how? Was there a definite moment in history when the organic motions we call cannibalism and rape became ‘wrong’? If it's ok f…